How to buy cryptocurrency? Ways of Buying Cryptocurrency

Due to the massive popularity of cryptocurrency, How to buy Cryptocurrency has become a very popular keyword in recent days. So I will be talking about this topic now.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency:

There are many ways to buy cryptocurrency. Currently, there are many exchanges and wallets who are providing service for buying cryptocurrency. But the main concern is most of them are a scam. Only a few of them are real and regulated. So you have to be extra careful about buying cryptocurrency.

Ways of Buying Cryptocurrency:

There are some popular ways to buy a currency. Let me introduce all of them to you.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency  From Coinbase:

It is the possibly the best way to buy cryptocurrency because of its huge popularity. Coinbase has already gained the trust of being the best cryptocurrency wallet. Though it is the safest way to buy cryptocurrency, it has some cons too. It is not available worldwide and it supports only a few countries. If you are a person from outside the approved countries, you may not be able to buy currency by using your credit card. And another fact is, all cryptocurrencies are not available in Coinbase. So far the only Bitcoin, Etherium are available. So if you want to buy other cryptocurrencies, you have to look for another resource. Don’t worry. I will describe all of them.

* Reliable and Trusted

* Only a couple of cryptocurrencies are supported.
* Only a few countries are supported.

Coinbase Website: 

How to Buy Cryptocurrency from CoinmarketCap Suggestion:

CoinmarketCap is the best website to research about bitcoin. You can check their website to buy any cryptocurrency. Once you select a particular currency, you will find an option named “Buy/Sell Instantly”. You can check the link to see the available options and if your country is allowed, you can buy cryptocurrency from there. This is the easiest and safe way to buy any crypto. You may check the image below as a reference.

CoinMarketCap Website:

Buy from LocalBitcoins:

Localbitcoins is also a good way to buy bitcoin. It is almost like Paxful. You can use multiple payment methods to buy bitcoin by using this website.

Buy from Paxful:

Paxful is a very popular peer to peer bitcoin buying website. There are more than 100 available methods to pay. It is trusted but you have to be careful before selecting a seller. But the one and only cons that I have found in Paxful is, the price is very high most of the time. There is no meaning to pay $1.3 to get bitcoin worth $1. Sometimes, it is very frustrating when you won’t have enough funds.

* Peer to peer secure escrow.
* Wide payment ways.

* Higher Price.
* Bitcoin is not always available.

Paxful Website: 

Buy from Payeer:

If you live in EU countries, Payeer is a good solution for you. Payeer is possibly a new payment gateway but it is really awesome to BUY, Exchange and Sell Bitcoin. I love them but the only problem that I faced is that it doesn’t support Neteller Virtual Card. You can buy bitcoin here by using your credit card.

* You can buy, sell, store and transfer bitcoin.
* Nice User Interface.

* Doesn’t support Neteller and Skrill.

Payeer Website: 

How to Buy Cryptocurrency from IQ Option:

Recently, the most reputed broker named IQ Option has announced their cryptocurrency wallet service and so far they have added around 7-10 cryptocurrencies. Possibly, this is the safest and easiest way to buy and hold crypto. The best part is that it supports many countries. All new registrants are allowed. You can use Credit Card, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney to deposit and withdraw money. You can buy sell bitcoin anytime. That is impressive and I loved their service so far.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in IQ Option: To buy a currency, you have to create an account at first. It takes only 1 minute to set up an account. I would recommend you to update your profile with necessary information just after opening your account. You can test their website just by depositing a small amount at first. Then you can deal bigger amount. There are multiple methods available and you may use Skrill and Neteller or Credit Card to deposit money. Buying a cryptocurrency is not so complex.

Just click wallet and select the currency what you want to buy. You will find the current exchange rate and charge. Select the price and click buy. You will get your desired amount in your cryptocurrency wallet. You can now hold and withdraw your currency. For more information, you may check my individual blog post about it. Here I will describe everything with pictures.

* Multiple Service. Amazing
* Supports Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill

* USA, Canada and Australian peoples are not allowed due to the regulation restriction.
* You have to verify your MasterCard with at least $45 to verify your identity. Though it is not cons, you have to be informed about it. 🙂

IQ Option Website: 

(General Risk Warning: Investing involves a high degree of risk.)

Consider following important facts before buying:

1. Research well before buying a crypto: If you don’t research well before buying a cryptocurrency, you may lose your investment when the market price will go down. So It is highly recommended to research well before buying a currency. For example, if you want to buy Ripple (XRP), you have to know some important facts about it. What is Ripple, what is the future plan of the company, what are the opportunities and how many exchanges are available to buy Ripple? ThThat information is required to know before buying Ripple and any other cryptocurrency.

2. Use a reliable wallet to store your crypto: It is also required to select a reliable wallet for storing your currency. According to my research, I have found that it is unreliable to store cryptocurrency in the exchanges. For example, Coinbase is a safe wallet to store your crypto.

3. Available ways to buy cryptocurrency: Yeah! It is also an important part. If you select a currency that is not easy to buy, then you have to face trouble buying this. If you find that the ways of buying currencies are available, you may select the best method to buy a cryptocurrency.

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