Amazon Affiliate Case Study 2019- $500 In A Month

500 USD From Amazon Affiliate

(Update March 2023: The site was hit but a product update by Google 🙁 The traffic was reduced by 80% and I was hopeless at last. However, Amazon Affiliate is still doing good for some people)

I was waiting for this day for the last six months. I am so excited today to see $500 earned for the previous 30 days in my Amazon dashboard. I was checking my website Dashboard and also my Amazon affiliate dashboard every day. I started a new project of Amazon affiliate marketing on the 1 March.

As I was a beginner in Amazon affiliate, I made a lot of mistakes, I took wrong decisions, and I had to go through some mental pressure because of my wrong decisions. In this article, I will share everything that I have experienced while creating an Amazon affiliate site. 

My Background:

I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2016. I was promoting different types of online products, and I was doing very well. At the end of 2018, a new European term has been updated. It was hard to promote this product anymore. My income falls by 60%.

I have learned my first lesson and decided to do something evergreen and passive. I knew about Amazon affiliate marketing before, but I never thought the possibility of Amazon associates. 

I did my research, and I found it is interesting. I read all of the major blogs about it, and I felt motivated. Finally, I decided to invest in Amazon focusing niche site. Now I realize that it was the right decision. On 15 September 2019, I have reached $500 month from Amazon affiliate, and I am so happy.

I am aware of my mistakes very well, and I know $500 is a lot in a learning period with a lot of wrong decisions. 

Results and Statistics at a glance (18 September 2019)

500 USD From Amazon Affiliate
My earnings have just touched $500 for the last 30 days

Project Started: 1 March 2019
Total investment: $2730 + $275
Posts published: 219
Average post length: 1200 Words
Income started: May 2019
Total earnings so far: $1043
Monthly average (Last three months, 12 more days remaining this month): $278
Average daily pageview: 300
Average posts that get traffic: 120
Average traffic from google: 300
Domain Authority(According to ahrefs): 31
Backlinks: 4000+ (Actually it is around 500)
Referred Domains: 57
Site Worth: $7,000 (I can sell this website anytime on Flippa/Empireflippers)

Amazon Affiliate Site Traffic Statistics
My google analytics statistics for the last 30 days

Here is the screenshot of my dashboard where you can see how many posts are generating organic traffic from different search engines.

Amazon Affiliate Posts Traffic Statistics
My website’s traffic statistics

Amazon Affiliate Income Statistics: 

March 2019: $1.33
April 2019: $11.17
May 2019: $61.14
June 2019: $132.80
July 2019: $274.97
August 2019: $247.51
September 2019: $365.58

Amazon Statistics:

Total Amazon Clicks: 14,099
Ordered Items: 511
Shipped items: 494
Returned Items: 9
Conversion: 3.62%
Shipped Items revenue: 19,964
Total earnings: $1,094

I hope you already got detailed statistics. If you are already a successful marketer, you may think it is not a super performance. I also agree with you. I confess my mistakes. Now I realize that if I would not make mistakes, I could easily earn $1200+ with the same investments. 

How I built the website:

  1. Bought the domain and hosting from Namecheap
  2. Selected a product name and researched for LCR keywords. 
  3. Published my website in WordPress and Meqs Theme
  4. I targeted only LCR (Low Competitive Ratio) keywords
  5. Selected five best products and wrote 1200+ words for each post
  6. I was not focusing on backlink a lot as all were LCR keywords
  7. Got 3-5 fellow marketers and got a few content backlinks.

Let me share my mistakes at first. 

Poor Niche Selection: 

It was my first mistake. I was not able to select a niche which has a good payout. In Amazon, the maximum commission is 10%, 8%, 6%. In the beginning, I selected a niche which was giving me only 5.5% and 4.5% commission. When I see a product conversion, I felt terrible that I would only get 4.5% commission instead of 8% or 6%. I could select a niche which pays 8% commission.

Amazon Affiliate Poor Niche Categories
Check out the categories that I would avoid for picking a niche

Wrong product selection:

My second mistake was the incorrect product selection. I have published 76 articles on my website about a single product whose price was $1000+. The conversion of this product is low, and I have not sold any products so far. My significant investment was for the wrong product.

What a big mistake! After six months of the experiment, I have come up with a conclusion that you should not select a product that is $1000+. They convert very low. 

Amazon Affiliate Wrong Overprice Product
A wrong product where I invested a lot

Wrong keyword Reseach: 

I felt so lazy, and I did less research while picking an article title. If I would spend more time on research, I could pick more and more valuable keywords. I have invested a lot in an unprofitable product because of my laziness. Now I repent for my mistakes. 

Wrong investment plan: 

As I discussed, I invested a lot of money on an unprofitable niche. I have published 76 articles which cost around $988. I could post 76 quality articles which could easily make me at least $400+/month. 

Amazon Affiliate Wrong Investment Plan
Here is my category where I posted 77 articles

Tools that I have used on my website:

Domain & Hosting: 

Namecheap Hosting Plans for Amazon Affiliate
Namecheap Cheap Hosting Plans

I bought my domain and hosted my website on Namecheap. As it was a very new website, I wanted to reduce my cost, and I selected Namecheap hosting at the beginning. I always buy a domain from NameCheap. I don’t know why I love them a lot for buying domains. Though their hosting is a bit slow but not bad a new site. After one year, I moved my hosting to siteground, which is pretty okay for me. I am happy with them. 

As a new site, Namecheap will charge $10 to buy a domain and $28 to buy a steller hosting plan where you can host up to 3 websites. Click here to check the plans.  So $38 is very reasonable and cheap comparatively than any other hosting providers. The quality is not bad. You can quickly start with this plan without any doubt as a beginner. It is very cost-effective. After one year, when your site will get 500+ traffic, you can move it to a better hosting like siteground, Bluehost. I prefer siteground because of their excellent support. 

Keyword Everywhere: 

Keyword Everywhere for keyword volum research
Keyword everywhere tool and results

It is a handy tool. It is light and super useful to check your keyword volume. It is also helpful to find related keywords. The best thing about this tool is, It is 100% free, and it works with Google, Bing, Keyword Planner, Keyword shitter, etc. 

WordPress & Theme: 

Meks WordPress Themes
Meks has a lot of quality themes

It is content management. The best content management ever invented. You can manage your posts easily with WordPress. You have to select a good theme which has essential functions. I have used a theme from Meqs team. They create super themes for niche blogging. I love their themes a lot. You can try them too. 


Error-free content is essential to rank higher in SERP. I use Grammarly premium tool to check English grammar and spelling. I am pretty happy with their output. If you check the premium version, you will also be able to check plagiarism as well. 


IWriter Dashboard

I have used iWriter to find my writers. iWriter is very popular to find quality writers within your budget. You can hire a beginner and also an elite writer. It depends on you. I have faith in iWriter. You should apply some tricks to find a quality writer. I will discuss it in details on another post. 

Lessons that I have learned:

I have learned some crucial lessons from my new project, and I am so happy that I made all the mistakes at the beginning. From now, I can quickly bring more profit by making less investment. The biggest lesson that I have learned is, I have to research while selecting a topic.

From now, I will choose a keyword which has products on an average of USD 100+ and of course not more than $1000. At first, I thought that large amount means a more commission, but the reality is they convert very less. Ultimately, they are not profitable.

Now I have full understandings on a website and SEO. I know what I am doing, and now I believe in myself. I will invest more $1k on this website, and I think it will easily make $1k, $2k+ very soon. I will update my results here on this website. Stay tuned. I will appreciate your feedback and opinion. Comment below. I will respond to you asap. 

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