Amazon Affiliate Case Study for 2020 ($1k/Month In 7 Months)

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Hello everyone, welcome to Smart Income Source. I am going to write a long-awaited Amazon Affiliate case study for you. I had to wait more than 7 months to write this case study. The journey was not easy at all. I will try to cover up everything in this case study.

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For the first time, my amazon affiliate earnings have just crossed $1000, and I am so happy to see that my hard work is now giving me a good return.

At the very beginning, I want to introduce myself. I am Shamim Hasan, a full-time amazon affiliate marketer and also the founder of Smart Income Source. It was my dream to build a passive income stream because my previous affiliate business was going down because of a European rule. I was a bit frustrated.

I realized that I had to create a passive income stream that will keep me mentally secure. So finally, I moved to amazon affiliate marketing, and I decided to create an Amazon based niche site.

I had done my research before I started my first website. To be honest, It was not so profitable. The total investment was around $1200 but the result was not very good. I had figured out my mistakes before I started my second project. The current project is doing very good, and I am happy with the result.

When my earnings had crossed $500 in a month, I published a case study. You can read it here — (Amazon Affiliate Case Study $500 In A Month). In my first case study, I tried to explain my mistakes. Now I believe that I could make easily $1000/month with only $1700 investments.

Whatever, I am not sad because I learned a lesson. Let me share the detail of my case study.

Amazon Affiliate Case Study ($1000 per Month): Overall statistics

Amazon Affiliate Case Study 1k Month Featured Image

Project Overview At A Glance:

Project Started: 1 March 2019
Total investment: $3055 + $275 = $3,330
Posts published: 235
Average post length: 1200 Words(+-)
The income started: May 2019
Monthly average (Based on Last three months, 11 more days remaining this month): $719
Average Daily pageview: 300
Average Posts that get traffic: 130
Average traffic from google: 280
Domain Authority(According to ahrefs): 28
Backlinks: 270 (According to Ahrefs)
Referred Domains: 83
Site Worth: $17,975 (I can sell this website anytime on Flippa/Empireflippers)


Amazon Affiliate Earnings Statistics:

Amazon Affiliate Earnings Report Smart Income Source

March 2019: $1.33
April 2019: $11.17
May 2019: $61.14
June 2019: $132.80
July 2019: $274.97
August 2019: $247.51
September 2019: $365.58
October 2019: $575.05
November 2019: $943.64 +$27+ $32 = $1,002
December 2019: $640.05 (Till 19 Dec)

Amazon Affiliate Website Traffic Statistics: (Monthly Pageview)

Amazon Affiliate Website Traffic Statistics Niche Site Trafic

February 2019: 9
March 2019: 102
April 2019: 367
May 2019: 1789
June 2019: 3476
July 2019: 5818
Aug 2019: 7635
Sep 2019: 9775
Oct 2019: 8631
Nov 2019: 10038
Dec 2019: 5391 (Till 19 December)

Amazon Affiliate Product Category That I have Worked With:

  • Automotive,
  • Home,
  • Power & Hand Tools,
  • Patio, Lawn & Garden,
  • Health & Household

How I hired writers:

Iwriter: iWriter is the best place to find writers in a low budget. You can check their website and rates. If you are interested in finding elite writers, you can also find them here. Their pricing system is easy to understand.

IWriter Dashboard

Personal Writer: When you hire several writers, you can easily choose a writer for you to write only for you. I call them a personal writer. Somehow you can manage a particular writer from iWriter and other marketplaces. I will teach you how to do it in my course.

Amazon Affiliate Case Study: What I Have Done So Far

  1. Bought the domain and hosting from Namecheap then moved to another hosting.
  2. Selected a product Category/Name and researched for LCR keywords.
  3. Published my website in WordPress
  4. I targeted only LCR (Low Competitive Ratio) keywords.
  5. Selected five best products and wrote 1200+ words for each post
  6. I was not focusing on backlink a lot as all were LCR(Low competitive) keywords.
  7. Managed 3-5 fellow marketers and got a few content backlinks.
  8. Then I have bought some guest posts. I was cautious about the quality.

Here is the simple layout that I followed:

———— Picture ————–

SEO Tools for Amazon Affiliate Niche Site
Let me share the tools that I have used to create the website. In my previous case study, I have explained it very well. I will just write an overview of these tools. You can check the details of the prior case study.

Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere for keyword volum research

It is an excellent keyword volume checker tool. You can check keyword volume from google, keyword planner, search console, etc. It is a super tool. Previously, it was free, but it is now a paid tool. Though it is paid, It is a recommended tool for every Amazon affiliate marketer.


I am a big fan of Grammarly because it is free, and it helps me to correct my English grammatical errors. In the paid version, you can check plagiarism too. I always use Grammarly.


I have hired my writers from iWriter. It is a good place to start with a low budget. Then you can hire a personal writer who will write for you.


WordPress Editor

I have used WordPress, and almost all the affiliate marketers like it. There are several plugins that are very important for creating content professionally.


Simplenote App

It is a super tool for sharing text. I am also a big fan of Simplenote. You can use it too. I asked my writers to send their text via Simplenote as it is clean and comfortable to copy to WordPress editor.

(There are Some Secret Tools, I will only share with my students)

The steps that I have followed:

1. Researching:

Researching is the first step that I have followed. There are several parts of the research. Market research, niche research, keyword research, theme research are the central part of the research. Your entire business depends on researching well. I did my research, and I have applied all the pre-planned methods.

In researching, I was feeling bored sometimes because it takes a lot of time. Though it was my second project, I made a lot of mistakes while selecting keywords. I have explained to them in detail in my first case study. So I am not going to repeat it there. Please read the first case study for a better explanation.

Example of my keyword research:

As I said before, keyword research is the most crucial part of getting success. I used some tools to find low competitive keywords. To be honest, once you get the point, you can easily understand whether the keyword is highly competitive of low competitive. I also used allintitle method to check how many resources are available for the keyword.

From my personal experience, I believe this method is very useful. As it is only a case study, I a not going to share it in detail. I will explain the keyword research on my Youtube Channel and website.

2. Creating Content:

In the second step, I have created content. After finishing successful research, the second part is creating content. WordPress website installation, theme installation, plugin installation, editing post, and SEO optimization are the central part of creating content.

On-Page optimization is included in creating content because you need to focus on the title, meta tags, and description while publishing content. I have used the WordPress CMS and Yoast SEO Plugin to make sure that my content properly SEO Optimized.

Content Structure and Content Quality:

I was focusing on low, competitive keywords. So the length of the articles was not so large. Only 1200+-. But all of my contents are 1000+ words. Usually, I reviewed five products for a very low competitive keyword. The products are very specific and well researched.

That’s all I did for content creation. The content structure was like a general blog style, but I managed to make a clean design. The UI was clean, and the pros & cons were separate and nicely visible.

3. Backlinks & Post Tasks:

It is an optional step. The backlink is essential for boosting SEO ranking, but it is dangerous at the same time. It depends on the way how you are generating backlinks. If you exchange backlinks from other sites, it is dangerous. There are only a few methods that you can apply to build some quality backlinks.

I am personally not a big fan of creating massive backlinks by spamming. I believe a good investment should never use grey hat or black hat method. It is better to use only white hat methods.

Total Backlinks

So I have built a few quality backlinks by guest posts. The number is not so significant. I have created only around 15 backlinks from high authoritative websites.

Post tasks depend on you. I was swamped, and I did it very slowly. Social media profile creation, social profile growth, social sharing, comment management are the main parts of post tasks. I have just shared my post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest for building a good social profile.

You should not share all of the posts at a time. The number should be natural and realistic. I shared 5-7 posts per day on Facebook and Twitter. That’s it.

How you can start your affiliate journey:

If you are motivated already, you may be thinking of starting an Amazon affiliate journey. I will welcome you to the world. It is not very easy, though, and it is so enjoyable when you will begin earning passively while you sleep. If you are looking to build a passive income stream online, it is the best way to invest your money and time. Once you create your website, it will give you profits for a long time.
The steps are:

  1. Follow a course and learn all of the steps.
  2. Read case studies a lot.
  3. Read popular blogs related to amazon affiliate marketing.
  4. Try to do keyword research and ask questions to the expert.
  5. Finally, you can start investing.

There are a few things you should consider first.

  • Are you a quick learner?
  • Do you have enough time and funds to invest?
  • Are you able to wait with patience until the earning starts?

If all of the answers are “YES,” You are ready to start learning. I will recommend you to learn at least three months before you invest any money. There are many websites and courses that you can follow. But I would suggest picking a course which is not parked with the bluff.

Check the author’s website and the author’s portfolio. If they have good knowledge with an excellent earning portfolio, you can follow them. Otherwise, don’t believe any silly marketing speeches.

You can follow my website, Smart Income Source, and you will get 100% legit information. I will publish a full course on my website later. I need some to create the course.

Does Amazon Affiliate Still Work in 2020?

In the short word “YES.” It still works in 2020. But you should apply all of the white hat methods for getting consistent results. Google now uses artificial intelligence to measure content quality. So you can not use any black hat method for the long term. Your site will be blacklisted if they find any black hat method on your website.

I am planning to create a new project in 2020. So you will get the latest update of my new project.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have money right now. Can I start amazon affiliate marketing?

I would say you should wait until you manage the right amount of money to invest in your business. You need the money and as well as time. The earnings may not start during the first eight months. So you should wait until your website starts generating profits.

How much should I invest?

It is up to you. You can start with only $200 if you can write articles yourself. But if you are willing to outsource your articles, you can start with $1000. But if your target is to make $1000 per month, I will recommend you to invest at least $2000+.

Can I do affiliate marketing if I am a non-technical person?

Yes. You can. But you need to learn some basic things to manage a website. WordPress is the best CMS, and you can learn WordPress basic settings to manage your site.

I am weak in English. Can I do amazon affiliate marketing?

Yes. You can. But you need to make sure that you will understand the market research very well and you will be able to review the contents the writers will send you.

How long should I learn before investing?

I will recommend you to study at least three months before you invest. You can follow a complete course to learn and read case studies. Once you get the answer to all of your questions, you can then invest wisely.

What is the best place to learn amazon affiliate marketing?

There are a lot of resources to learn about amazon affiliate marketing. At the very beginning, you can learn from the youtube channel. I am a big fan of:

  • Income School (Youtube Channel)
  • Doug Cunnington (Youtube Channel)

They are the two best channels for learning about amazon affiliate. There are several websites that you can check to read case studies and guides:

I hope you got an idea about a new affiliate website from this amazon affiliate case study. I have tried to explain as much as possible. If you have any questions, please comment below. I will love to answer your questions.

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